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Surprise, Surprise, My Life is Shit Again or; Why I can’t Join ISIS.

Working in Berlin is a funny one, eh? It turns out the only reason employers give you a job is so they can fuck you over in the shittest possible way as soon as you think you’re comfortable. I don’t mind losing a job, as long as it’s for a decent reason. Well, to be fair I didn’t lose this job. I quit. But I quit because my hours were cut from full-time to 4 a week because the person I replaced decided they didn’t like their new job and wanted to come back. The fucking prick. So what do I do now? I’m poor and jobless again. Oh! And homeless, because I can’t afford to move into my new flat today anymore.

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The Most Important Things I’ve Learnt All Day or; The Most Least Important Things I’ve learnt All Day

Right, so what I’ve decided to do today is, even though I’m still meaning to have my cancer charity rant,  stick to “news” papers. I was reading the Metro today on the tube. For those of you that don’t know it, it’s a free “news” paper you get on the London Underground and I think I can improve it, so this is kinda like a open letter to them. Let us begin!

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False-Flag Nuclear Attacks & an Elephant That Sounds Like my Nan.

I feel really sorry for the US government. For at least ten years they’ve planned on invading Syria this month to fulfill their weird ambitions and now, thanks to God-damn peaceful means, they have to find any old excuse to start on Iran. (And in case any of you were wondering, Yes, that was a copy/paste of a Facebook status update I did two days ago.)

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9/11 Witness Testimonies as Regurgitated by Miles Lloyd or: It’s Not as Bad as It Sounds

I just watched a fucking banging documentary (A factual film based on facts but without acting or actors) about some guys who got all fucked up on the 9/11 “terrorist” attacks. To cut a long story short, fourteen people were inside the north tower when it collapsed. Inside it! And survived. Survived! Think about that.

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Hey, Racist! Read This! or; I Can play the Keyboard Now.

So some dude got killed in London today, eh? Not very shocking, I know. But the man was a soldier and he was killed… by terrorists! Duh-duh duh! This, I see, has apparently given everyone on Facebook and Twitter free-roam on the ignorant racism train and it’s not got no breaks! Now, I’m not one to force my opinions onto someone. Unless I had a dog or something. You kinda have to teach a dog how to live like not shit in the kitchen and that, but you know what I mean. I just want to make a point that I can’t understand so many people don’t realise.

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Bombs, Terrorists & That Bitch Anne Frank.

Before I go off on one, although I will probably just go off on one with this instead, I’m listening to news reports of the bombing at the Boston Marathon and a news reporter just said;

“The most surprising thing about it is it’s usually such a friendly and lively event.”

Ok. What are you trying to say? Are all the other marathons, or any charity fundraiser for that matter, not usually very friendly or lively? I haven’t been to many but I’m pretty sure a “friendly and lively” Marathon isn’t surprising. At all. I was actually thinking of going to the London one Sunday, but now the fear of god has been instilled into me, just like after 9/11 or the 7/7 attacks when you got nervous seeing a Muslim on a bus or some shit and be honest, it happened to the best of us. Which is beautifully ironic considering the people responsible for both those attacks were white. And Christian. And running the countries that fell victim. And now war-criminals. Because they murdered all the people not involved in the terrorist attacks for the terrorist attack. They also then went on to arm Al-Qaeda with guns and shit to take down Gaddafi. Because Gaddafi was actually a fucking dude and probably one of the best leaders any country has ever seen, but our lovely Western mainstream media couldn’t portray him that way so they jazzed it up and made him a cunt. Google that shit.

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