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Ich Bin Ein Berliner, Self-Harming & Bringing Rap Back.

Oh, hello! How are you all? It’s been a while since anything happened in The “Wonderful” World of (Spencer) Miles Lloyd, hasn’t it? I bet you were hoping I had died, weren’t you? Well guess what! Fuck you! I didn’t die and I’ll never die. I cut some of my thumb off, though. Nearly bled to death. Check it!

Silly me.

This was after just 3 hours of consistent bleeding!

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How Tories Will Save the Day & Other Hits.

I read the most ridiculous thing in the newspaper yesterday. Or a “news” paper, rather, as they should all be referred to as the only thing about them that actually cannot be said without sarcastic quotation marks is the fact they are all, almost definitely, made out of paper.

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Miles Lloyd Presents; Political Poetry From The Soul, For The Soul.

I found a poem I wrote on a train once about Tony Blair. I was watching a lot of Rik Mayall at the time.

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Why Britain is the Greatest Country Ever.

Ha! How does that feel, poor people? You’re not never allowed to live a life of comfort anymore because you don’t deserve money because you’re poor and the rich people aren’t rich enough for their liking so pay up, scum! People need their silver spoons polished and as you can’t afford silver spoons in the first place you should give your silver polish money to the fucking Tories.

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