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The Most Important Things I’ve Learnt All Day or; The Most Least Important Things I’ve learnt All Day

Right, so what I’ve decided to do today is, even though I’m still meaning to have my cancer charity rant,  stick to “news” papers. I was reading the Metro today on the tube. For those of you that don’t know it, it’s a free “news” paper you get on the London Underground and I think I can improve it, so this is kinda like a open letter to them. Let us begin!

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BBC News & The Mystery Effs.

I have literally just lost all respect for the BBC as a respectable news source. There’s a report on their website from two days ago, warning people about a dangerous new craze that’s started going round. It’s called “prinking” and it’s truly awful. It’s when you have a night out, maybe go to a club or something, but  before you go out you have some drinks in the house. Pre-drinking. That’s right. the BBC are reporting having some drinks in the house a “new trend”.

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Learning Welsh, Redcoat Bastards & One Hell of a Good-Looking God.

I’m learning welsh and it’s awesome. I literally know every single thing on the “lesson 1” bit of the website. I’m all over this shit. Welsh should be learning me. I did find out that when you’re talking about (or talking too? Ironically I can’t work out the English bits) God you can be informal. He’s such a cool dude, that God. He just doesn’t give a fuck. I wish I was as chilled out as God.

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Lazyness, AIDS & Kids Cartoons

Hello there, Internets! How the devil are you? I’ve not done this “blogging” thing in quite a while, but don’t be mad for I have a very good reason…

You ever heard of a cartoon called Regular Show? I hadn’t either until about two weeks ago and now, whenever I come online with intentions of being productive, I fuck it all off and marathon that cartoon. It’s properly, properly banging good.

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Twerking a Selfie, or; I’ve Come This Close to Giving Up.

I just found out that words like ‘twerking’, ‘selfie’, ‘girl-crush’, ‘LOL’ and ‘BFF’ have been added to the dictionary and the word ‘literally’ has a new meaning now. According to the dictionary literally means;

In a literal manner or sense; exactly: “the driver took it literally when asked to go straight over the traffic circle”

And it also means;

Used to acknowledge that something is not literally true

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Me, My Bone & Badgers in Space

I was going to write a blog about water getting stolen off of us by oil companies the other day, but that went to shit when I had to go to hospital. I was punched, or possibly fell, and now my shoulder hurts. Apparently I’ve “bruised the bone” according to the doctor, but I don’t believe him one bit. Call me racist but I just cannot trust a white doctor, let alone an English doctor. Is that racist? Probably not. I’d trust an English doctor of Asian decent (any kind of Asian), but not a straight-up English doctor. Unless they’re a hot English woman. Then they can have some of my trust. Hot women have never let me down.

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