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Two Cups of Tea & I’m Still Not a Belieber

That’s right. I just drank two cups of tea in twenty minutes and I’m not even impressed with myself. If anything I have let myself down. I need to be punished. For every cigarette I smoke today I will burn my arm with it once until I learnt o man the fuck up when it comes to drinking tea. Though I very, very rarely drink more than two cups of tea in twenty minutes.  then I get all full up on tea and lazy. Plus sometimes that much milk makes me feel sick, so if I was going to put cigarettes out on my arm every time I failed to drink more than two cups of tea every twenty minutes it would be loss than a week before I was nothing but a leathery, burn, scared mess of a human, covered in weeping sores and terrifying myself every time I lit a fag, and that is not how I want to live my life.

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