Ich Bin Ein Berliner, Self-Harming & Bringing Rap Back.

Oh, hello! How are you all? It’s been a while since anything happened in The “Wonderful” World of (Spencer) Miles Lloyd, hasn’t it? I bet you were hoping I had died, weren’t you? Well guess what! Fuck you! I didn’t die and I’ll never die. I cut some of my thumb off, though. Nearly bled to death. Check it!

Silly me.

This was after just 3 hours of consistent bleeding!

Yeah! I cut it off, twenty minutes into my first shift at a new restaurant, whilst declaring my love for how sharp Japanese knives are. It turns out I was wrong. I hate them and they’re too sharp. Fucking knives. It’s OK now though. It’s honestly not half as bad as it was or as I thought it would turn out. Paying for hospital treatment get’s you better service I’ve learnt, so fuck the NHS and sell that wet blanket. But that’s not why I’ve been away for so long. Oh-no!

I moved to Berlin. I’m a German now and I’ve been too busy doing German stuff to write a blog. “What is German stuff?” you ask? Well I’ll tell you!

Drinking beer. Mostly drinking beer. Oh! And smoking indoors. Not as many sausages as I hoped though. I had a bratwurst the other day. “Have a bratwurst” people would say to me, so I had one. It was shit. It’s literally just a hot-dog sausage, some chips (Pommes-frittes) and some sauce. They think they make it their own by chucking a bit of curry powder on it but it’s still a fucking joke. Pretzels are good though. Also fags are cheap. I’ve also started making a bad-ass video series called Uber Stuntz: Vol. 9. I was going to make it weekly but three days after making the first one I did that thumb thing so they’re on hold for a moment. Why not watch the first now?

So yeah, as soon as I can use my thumb without the excruciating pain I’m going to do a night-time parkour special. I’m back doing my “Jackass” videos though. Check it!

You think that’s crazy? Well put a helmet on, because this might just blow your fucking mind!

What did I say? Nuts. Nuts as fuck.

Anyway, this was just a quick update to get me back in the swing of writing ma blogs. I’m now going to go to work on my album. I’m writing a hip-hop album of white guy stuff. That’s stuff that white guys get up to, incase you were wondering. There’s just too rap albums about black guy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love black guy albums, but I simply cannot relate to pimpin’ bitches, popping caps, getting ma dick sucked or that sweet, sweet stick-icky. Even the white guy albums are about white guys but they’re doing black guy stuff, too. So yeah. I’m bring rap back.



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