How Tories Will Save the Day & Other Hits.

I read the most ridiculous thing in the newspaper yesterday. Or a “news” paper, rather, as they should all be referred to as the only thing about them that actually cannot be said without sarcastic quotation marks is the fact they are all, almost definitely, made out of paper.

Anyway, it was this Labour MP, Diane Abbot, and she was banging on about this new “mansion tax” the government are thinking of putting into place. What it essentially is is a tax for people who live in mansions hoping that the money raised will help save the NHS. Her argument is that it is pointless as it will never raise enough to save the NHS. Now, I have a few problems with this. Not just her opinion, but the whole thing.

Even if it didn’t raise enough money, is that really a good reason to scrap it? “Oh, we’ll never make enough money to cure AIDS, so let’s just nip it in the bud” no-one ever said, because some money raised is better than no money raised. Now, another issue of mine is that some companies pay MPs. This isn’t news, but some companies who pay certain Tory MPs have “won” £1.5Bn in NHS contracts. What that means is £1.5bn that would have gone to the NHS is now going to go to private companies who have torie MPs on their payroll. Sounds an awful lot like privatisation, eh? Why would you deliberately take income from the NHS and then struggle to find ways to keep them afloat? If you keep taking more and more money away fro something, eventually that something is going to need to find other sources of income. Our country is actually run by a bunch of turds, melted from the kinetic energy built up from dry-humping their rich friends. But it’s this Diane Abbots stance that has really gotten my scratching my brains.

Why is she so persistent that this tax doesn’t go through? Labour plans to raise £1.2bn from this “scheme” and she’s saying it’s a pointless waste of time? Isn’t that odd? She wants to save the NHS but doesn’t feel like a £1.2bn contribution is worth it. I’m starting to think that she lives in what qualifies as a mansion and is trying to save some of her “hard-earned” money that, let’s face it, she probably already pays very little tax on and she also probably claims a shit-ton in expenses and bonuses. Oh! Another thing about this new tax idea:

Home-owners self-asses what band their home falls into.

That’s right, folks! If you don’t feel like paying the tax, just say you don’t qualify. It’s entirely your call. No council official will come and asses your situation. They just take your word for it because there are only two thing in life that are a guarantee; one is that we will al die. The other is that rich people are completely honest about their income and lifestyle and are happy to pay whatever taxes get put on them because only the most honest of people get rich enough to buy a fucking mansion in central fucking London. Dicks.

In better news, I was in the recording studio the other day, thought I use the term ‘studio’ lightly, recording my song Ghosts. it’s gone all 70’s funk and 80’s synth rock. It’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t heard it yet, here I am playing it in a “haunted” dance hall for a local news website back in Wales.

I like to think you like to think it’s funny so thanks for that. Anyway, hopefully it will be finished, with a video, in time for me to get Christmas #1’s all over the world.

Here I am doing anther song there, but it was too graphic for them to air, even with a 12 second warning.

Peace, bitches!


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