Avocados, Spicy Dogs & Good Old Fashioned Transvestite Street Fighting.

I was about to start writing a combination of words that would possibly change your life, but I’m going to go and eat some sausages first.

Done. That was some good sausage. Yesterday I found out one of the dogs, Duffy, goes nuts for jalapenos. Like, proper nuts. She will violently take them from your hand and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even chew them. I’m not sure if this is normal for dogs. I was going to post a video on here of her being aggressive for spice, but like I said, it could be a perfectly normal thing and I don’t want to end up looking like Huell Howser. If you don’t know who he is, he’s this guy:

He can’t believe his fucking eyes, can he? I hope he has a vagina because his balls would have been blown off as soon as that dog ate that first avocado. But avocados aren’t spicy as shit so that’s a normal thing for a dog to eat, isn’t it? So yeah, until I know that it is an unusual thing for a dog to suck down jalapenos like a whore on a dick I will refrain from banging on about it.

Well, I’m not sure what just happened but I went from that video of the dog and the avocado to inter-racial inter-gender street fights. That then somehow quickly escalated to transvestites beating up straight men. Don’t you just love the internet? Check this dude out in Russia. We’re all aware of the shit LGBT’s get over there and that just makes this tranny laying it down on two dudes so much better. Check out just how camp he (she?) is when he gets back on the bench at end.

Fucking amazing. Kudos, sir. Kudos. This whole thing has really escalated. I just spend twenty minutes watching transvestites fighting transvestites. I had just found a 25 minutes compilation of transvestites fighting other transvestites but I’ve managed to reel it in. I have other things to do. There seems to be a bit of a trend though of transvestites fighting, be it fighting straight guys or other transvestites, in fast food joints. I wonder what it is about those places that gets them so riled up. If any transvestites read this I’d love to know why a Burger King car park is your venue of choice. Leave a comment or shout it from your rooftops.

Do you want to see a drag queen beat the shit out of their drug dealer? Of course you do! Why else would you be on THE INTERNET!


Banging, init? I’m probably just going to leave it at that. I can’t remember what the point to this post was but I feel as though this is the best it’s going to get.





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