BBC News & The Mystery Effs.

I have literally just lost all respect for the BBC as a respectable news source. There’s a report on their website from two days ago, warning people about a dangerous new craze that’s started going round. It’s called “prinking” and it’s truly awful. It’s when you have a night out, maybe go to a club or something, but  before you go out you have some drinks in the house. Pre-drinking. That’s right. the BBC are reporting having some drinks in the house a “new trend”.

This is the worst bit of journalism I’ve seen since the local paper had a front page story about how The Edge from U2 lived in this town for a few months when he was a few months old, bar everything I’ve ever read in The Sun. Do they really think drinking in the house is a “new trend”? It’s fucking absurd. Has no-one in the past had some drinks while getting dressed, or waiting for people to come round or just because why not? I don’t know. I just cannot get my head around it. BBC Newsline’s [sic] Kevin Sharkey needs to lose his fucking job for being a lazy, useless journalist.

I think I might apply for a job with them. I’ve just caught wind of a cracking news story they’d love to get their hands on. This German guy, Adam Hitler or something, plans on invading Poland 75 years ago. Maybe I’m being sarcastic, but that is actually a far more recent news story than people drinking before they go out.

Here is the link if you’ve not heard of buying alcohol in a shop and taking it home before.

Check that shit out! I’ve learnt how to turn words into links to other pages in other places. Bitches love it when I’ve learnt how to turn words into links to other pages in other paces and shit, but form a queue, ladies! I’m fucking owning this.

Isn’t ‘queue’ one of the stupidest words ever created? Why are there all those vowels after the first letter which is the same as the sound of the full word? It’s almost as stupid as the word ‘coughing’. Look at that word and say it to yourself. It doesn’t make any fucking sense. Where are the F’s? Should it be pronounced ‘cog-hing’? I just don’t know anymore.

I just don’t know.


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