Secret TV Shows, Mules & The Possibility of Me Doing a Jackass.

Holla! How do? Before we begin I must apologise. I published a post the other day about this TV show I might be going on and it was a very funny post. But then I got a call later that day off of said TV show telling me I can’t tell anyone I might be going on it and that sucks because like I said it was a very funny post. But we must get on with our lives.

Today I was going to put all of my “Doing a Jackass” videos on here. You can guess what they are. They’re bad-ass videos of me doing bad-ass, sick as fuck stunts that are so extreme you’ll piss blood for days. thing is with that though that I lost my phone they were all on. Gutted. I had loads of videos on that phone. Some of my Doing a Jackass videos are on my Youtube and some are on my Instagram and now I don’t know how to get them from there to here! Well, the Youtube thing I can do, but getting them from Instagram to here is proving a pain, which is odd when you bear in mind that man can walk on the moon, wireless electricity is a thing and women can vote. All that is a reality but Instagram wont let me embed my own darn videos properly. Maybe we should all just give up. Well, not all of us. A lot of us. Everyone who runs The Netflix and makes The Xbox games and makes the guitars and stuff should keep working. Anyone who has a job involved in my interests must, and I cannot stress this enough, must continue working and not give up as then I would have fuck all to do with all the extra free time I have after giving up. Well, I say that but I don’t have a job right now so I have all the free time in the world already. Hang on a second! I think I’ve already given up! Hazzah! I’m going to celebrate with a packet of crisps.

These crisps have made me sad. I want a job. Maybe I could make a job? Yes! I could create a whole new section of the employment sector! I could make millions! But what job could I create? What’s in demand? Mule whispering? A mules is pretty much just a deaf horse and I can already sign, but how many mules are in the UK? The British Mule Society doesn’t have the numbers. Neither does Google. There’s a society for mules though so there must be enough for mule whispering to be in demand. Does anyone want to be a mule whisperer? I can have you trained up in a week but I’m not going to lie, it’s going to cost you quite a lot. Also you wont get paid for a while. Well the offer is there, anyway. Now let’s see if I can get these videos onto here.

Maybe there will be a video under this.

Hopefully this sentence is sandwiched between two videos.

And one more sexy sandwhich?

Now I’m going to publish it and see if it’s finally decided to work this time.



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