Hey, Racist! Read This! or; I Can play the Keyboard Now.

So some dude got killed in London today, eh? Not very shocking, I know. But the man was a soldier and he was killed… by terrorists! Duh-duh duh! This, I see, has apparently given everyone on Facebook and Twitter free-roam on the ignorant racism train and it’s not got no breaks! Now, I’m not one to force my opinions onto someone. Unless I had a dog or something. You kinda have to teach a dog how to live like not shit in the kitchen and that, but you know what I mean. I just want to make a point that I can’t understand so many people don’t realise.

Right, let’s get this straight. A guy was killed today in an “act of terrorism” on a street in Saarf East Laandan. That brings the total number of innocent people killed by “terrorist” on British soil to 43 people. Let’s have a look at the number of innocent people killed on their home-soil by British/US troops, shall we?

Afghanistan: Around about 30,200 innocent people were brutally murdered by British and US troop in an attempt to quell terrorism. also, 250,000 Afghans fled the country in fear of their lives and another 500,000 were internally displaced. That’s a whole lot of fucking people up, right there. We’ll move on, shall we?

Iraq: Buy 2006 2.5% of the entire Iraqi population had been not murdered, but wiped out. Wiped out. Like what that Hitler was trying to do to the Jews. That was 655,000 people killed. Now that figure is about 1,500,000. Not great, is it? On top of that, 2,000,000 million Iraqis fled their home country. That means the total number of people no longer in Iraq is about 6% of that the population was. That is not on.

This means while these “terrorists” have killed 43 people on British soil, we have gone over there and in a completely backwards attempt to end terrorism, killed about 1,800,000 through acts of terrorism.

So can you, the reader, do me a favour? Can you give everyone you encounter who has anything ill to say towards anyone from the middle-east or a Muslim background slaps in their mouths. Slaps in their mouths until the shit out the stupid ignorance and smell the fucking rain.

The Muslims are not the terrorists. The Muslims are retaliating with revenge attacks if anything. It’s our governments who are the terrorists.

Remember what the US government did on 9/11/01? Yeah, that was a terrorist attack. Remember what the British government did on 7/7/05? that was also terrorism. Then for reasons I cannot be fucked to go into (oil) they invaded the middle east. That’s why the pinned everything on Muslims.

It’s the equivalent of me killing my dogs and then going two doors up to kick the fuck out of whoever lives there because I want their tea bags.

On a brighter note:

the image speaks for itself.


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