Miles Lloyd Fucks The Cinnamon Challenge.

I added the video of me completing the cinnamon challenge for your viewing pleasures. Why not masturbate to me dry-heaving?

The "Wonderful" World of (Spencer) Miles Lloyd

Today I finally achieved something worthwhile. After 25 years of being a useless waste of the human race I can now finally hold my head up high and say “Yes. I AM Miles Lloyd. Who the FUCK are you?” After all this time wandering the planet Earth, amongst other planets, I now have something that separates me from the rest of the chumps. Something that defines me as me. Something that I can shove in the face of every girl that ever left me and the grand-children I probably wont have. I can look them all square in the eye and say “Yes. I DID do the cinnamon challenge and I DID do it well”

That is right. I ate a spoonful of cinnamon without the aid of water and I wasn’t sick. Well, I wasn’t sick untill after I had swallowed it and shown my empty mouth around. About…

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