Breaking News From The Desk of (Spencer) Miles Lloyd

Buckingham Palace has announced: Next week is to come two days early.

The unexpected move has caused outrage amongst the public. Without the coming weekend millions of Britons who work long, hard hours throughout the week are set to lose two nights of getting shit-faced, not to mention a full Sunday to come-down, smoke weed, and watch Superbad on repeat from their beds.

YourLlanelli was lucky enough to hold a small press-conference with a spokeswoman for the Palace. The representative for the Crown had this to say;

“We are fully aware of the annoyance this move has caused, but the Queen has a toga party/BBQ to go to on Thursday and she is very excited because Justin Beiber will be there and she has all of his tapes. Originally, she wanted to scrap the entire week. We managed to talk her out of this and finally came to the compromise of of moving Monday forward to Saturday.”

This is the most radical decision made by the monarchy since, “The Great Tuesday Shun of 1836″-  when King William IV got bit off of a cat and went a bit mad from the rabies.  He then demanded that, as a nation united, we completely abolish Tuesdays.

The loss of the weekend is set to save the government millions of pounds on what otherwise would be spent on injured drunkards – Though this can be heavily debated as it is common knowledge they give the NHS fuck all. A large chunk of the money saved is rumored to be spent on Jerk Chicken, potato salad, and a nice bottle of rose wine for the Queen to take as not to appear cheap or whorish.

More on this next Wednesday. Or Monday?


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