Charlatans, Scum-Buckets & Monday Night Faith-Healing.

Last night I was watching one of the most entertaining TV show’s I have seen in a long time. It was on God.TV and it had this guy, Todd Bentley, doing some “faith healing” and at first it was very, very funny. Then I realised what he was doing and it made me angry.

This utter cunt had big ol’ queue of people all lined up. Some had cancer. Some had bad backs. Some couldn’t have babies. They all had something wrong with them and this man claimed to be able to heal each and every one of their problems. There was on bit where he promised a child who had kidney failure that he had been completely healed because this heartless bastard had touch his forehead and demanded his “demons” (cancer is a demon, by the way) be gone. He assured one woman that she would definitely be able to have children again after having given birth to a still born baby the week before, and he told a seven year old boy, and his parents, his cancer had just been cured. He also told a lot of other people a lot of other bullshit about healing them and it’s awful. These poor people are so desperate they will try anything to get well.

What if these people have so much faith in what this cunt is saying they fully believe that their child has been cured of cancer and don’t bother going back to the doctor? I’ll tell you what happens; the child dies. The child dies and Todd Bentley laughs his way to the cashpoint to check his big, fat bank account. A bank account so big and fat it matches his belly and his brain. It’s ironic how somebody who is such a devout Christian can have such a cold, dark and evil soul. I really cannot understand how the fuck he can convince people who are desperately ill that they are now well, only to let them walk off, go home and die a slow and painful death when all they needed was a doctor. A normal doctor who doesn’t have a massive ego problem and who doesn’t believe it is fine to let children die.

I don’t believe in violence but some people should be tied to a lamp-post and burnt to the brink of death then beaten. Then we should let nasty gets get at them.

I’m just having a look at this scum-buckets wiki page. He once kicked an old woman in the face at a “healing” because the “Holy Spirit” commanded him to. And he’s a sex offender (surprise surprise). When he was 17, and this really is sad, he was taken to hospital after overdosing on amphetamines and hallucination. Can you believe that? He almost died before he was even an adult. This alone is enough proof for me that there is no God. If anyone knows Todd Bentley try and get him back on the drugs so he can finish the job or if anyone knows God get him to do his fucking Job.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is we need to rid the world of this bullshit. Not religion. Some people need religion. I don’t believe in it myself but many people do and it makes them happier with themselves and this is just fine. George W. Bush said it best when he said “Hell, you know what I say? If it feels good do it.” I mean we need to rid the world of liars and charlatans who will allow women, children, men, anyone alive who needs a doctor and surgery, to die just so they can make a bit of cash. and this must be the only reason they do it. Unless the believe their own bullshit. Then they need a doctor themselves.

I feel like I’m not getting how angry I am across properly. This man let’s children die. I don’t think I can repeat that enough. He lets children die with a big fat smile on his stupid fucking face and he doesn’t give a flying shit.

If someone could send me his address that would be grand.

I want to send him turds. My turds, your turds, all the turds. And piss.


8 responses to “Charlatans, Scum-Buckets & Monday Night Faith-Healing.

  1. Twitchy Witch

    I approve of this rant! For the sake of the people that need to hear how it is, continue your truths!
    ~Twitchy the Witch

  2. Loved your ‘rant’.. you spoke the truth man!!! Which is way more powerful than these quack faith healers. I don’t know if olde Ben Franklin really said it, but it sure is true..”Quacks are the greatest liars in the world, except their patients.” I guess you checked your James Randi and Micheal Shermer.
    You might be interested in the crazy shit of faith healer john of god in abadiania, brazil. That old quack is still lying and perving it up with young women.

    • Glad you liked it! I will look into them. The only “faith healer” I’ve come across is Todd Bentley but he made me so angry I almost smashed my friends TV so maybe I should just avoid them? Anyone who adds “…of God” to the end of their name though is worth checking out at least once.

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