Bombs, Terrorists & That Bitch Anne Frank.

Before I go off on one, although I will probably just go off on one with this instead, I’m listening to news reports of the bombing at the Boston Marathon and a news reporter just said;

“The most surprising thing about it is it’s usually such a friendly and lively event.”

Ok. What are you trying to say? Are all the other marathons, or any charity fundraiser for that matter, not usually very friendly or lively? I haven’t been to many but I’m pretty sure a “friendly and lively” Marathon isn’t surprising. At all. I was actually thinking of going to the London one Sunday, but now the fear of god has been instilled into me, just like after 9/11 or the 7/7 attacks when you got nervous seeing a Muslim on a bus or some shit and be honest, it happened to the best of us. Which is beautifully ironic considering the people responsible for both those attacks were white. And Christian. And running the countries that fell victim. And now war-criminals. Because they murdered all the people not involved in the terrorist attacks for the terrorist attack. They also then went on to arm Al-Qaeda with guns and shit to take down Gaddafi. Because Gaddafi was actually a fucking dude and probably one of the best leaders any country has ever seen, but our lovely Western mainstream media couldn’t portray him that way so they jazzed it up and made him a cunt. Google that shit.

I got annoyed with modern society today. Isn’t that a surprise? This time it was with Justin Beiber fans. I know, right? Not like me at all. Do a search for “Who’s Anne Frank” and you will be disgusted by what you find.

Justin Beiber went to her house today. It’s a museum now, you see. I don’t mean to patronise you, but I’m going to tag this entry with ‘beliebers’ and I need to explain that fact to his fucking retard fans, who are all dimmer than two broken bulbs, so they don’t kick off again should they stumble upon this blog. By the way, if you have, go read a fucking book. then kill yourself because you don’t understand what vowels are or how an apostrophe works. And listen to Beiber. Not only do they not know who Anne Frank is but many, many of them started calling her a “whore” and a “slut”. The more intelligent of did question who she was, but so many just started giving this poor, unfortunate,  dead, 15 year old girl who was murdered during the most horrific event of modern history and is remembered as a symbol of hope for our species during such a time lots and lots of grief. In the form of hate-mail. On Twitter.

Tens of thousands of people sent Anne Frank hate mail on Twitter.

Sent Anne Frank Hate-mail on Twitter.

Think about that.

If someone kills every Justin Beiber fan I will confess to it for you and gladly do your time. For humanity. I’d usually say “For the children” but I’ve come to learn that the children can just fuck off.


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