Pop-Punk, Naughty Boys & No More Beans.

Someone is in a whole lotta shit. There’s a car up the road, a black Renault Clio, that has been properly fucked up by what I can only assume to be a sledge hammer. My theory is he has upset a woman because, fact-of-the-matter is, bitches be crazy and this is exactly the kind of thing I’d expect a woman to do. If he had fucked a guy off or owed someone drug money or something I imagine his car would be fine. this is because a dude would want to fuck the offending dude up, not just his car. So yeah, I think he’s been cheating on his missus. Or ex-missus, rather. It’s pretty cool though. Every window is smashed in/out, it’s dented to hell and back, but the lights are fine.  Odd that.

Whatever he did he was a naughty, naughty boy so let us not give him our sympathy. You know what’s not naughty? Pop-punk. I’ve gotten right back into my pop-punk. I’ve recently downloaded all the blink 182 and I’m listening to Motion city Soundtrack at the moment. But do you want to know what’s even more not naughty? Punk. I’ve also gotten back into my punk big, too. I’ve listened to a helluvva lot of NOFX, Buzzcocks, Clash and Rancid recently, too. I managed to see NOFX last year and they pulled some guy out of the crowd because he was a hippy and wanted him to leave, what with him being a fucking hippy at a punk gig and what-not, but he wouldn’t go so as a compromise the NOFX singer, Fat Mike, hacked off the hippies hair with a flick knife and gave him £40 cash. Seems a fair enough compromise if you ask me.

Speaking of music, I finally got around to getting some speakers today so I don’t have to listen to stuff through my laptop speakers all the time. I forgot all my music has bass t it and wasn’t recorded in an empty tin of beans. Wicked cool.


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