Why did my dog have to roll in another dogs shit?

My first ever blog post! I thought I’d reblog it as none of you fuckers get this far through to find it yourselves. And it’s kinda funny, I guess.

The "Wonderful" World of (Spencer) Miles Lloyd

I spent ages this morning trying to decide on whether I should take the dog for a walk as the BBC told me it was going to start pissing down at any moment. After an hour of weighing out the pro’s and con’s of getting caught in said rain I decided I’d risk everything and go.

I put a jumper on, a coat and a beanie (which it later turned out i had absolutely NO need for as it was boiling and the sky was clear) and made my way down to town to take the bitch to a field by a big, nice, clean pond but made a brief stop-off on a rugby field.

I sat on a bench and made a fag and let the dog, who’s name is Daisy (I didn’t pick that name, by the way. I would have called her something cool, like ‘Lightning-Power Johnston’…

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