The Curious Case of Nikki Minaj and her Skin Colour or; Burn it All.

I just saw rock-bottom of the music industry. You might have thought it hit rock bottom when manufactured bands were put together purely for profit, like One Direction or The Sex Pistols, with absolutely no interest or love for music or talent. We can’t forget the talent. You know, force feed kids some music being played by a group of suckers and fools so much they think they’re enjoying it. Well that phase has come to and end.

It’s gone beyond tricking people into thinking they like a band by forcing it down their ears over and over and over again on commercial radio.

I just saw a hashtag on Twitter that raised my curiosity somewhat. it said #newboybandMASSIVEfollowspree and it said “massive” all in the biggest letters so I thought it must be important and went off to check. Also, I was a bit curious about this boyband that were unnamed. I found it mysterious like an Agatha Christie novel, not that I’ve ever read one.

This new boy band have the screen-name “You Name Us” on twitter and their twitter ‘handle’ is @yourboyband. “What could this all be about?” I thought to myself, so I had a look to see who the boyband were.

They have no name as of yet.

They have no website.

They have no recordings online.

They have made no T.V appearances.

Pretty much all that exists of them is their profile picture, but in the amount of time it has taken me to type out 252 words their name has been tweeted 406 times. They’re not even tweets that say things like “Who are these people? What makes them a band? Why do they currently have 62,082 followers when they haven’t achieved anything?” No no! they are literally tweets of teenage girls saying how they are such big fans and they love what they do and shit. They haven’t done anything yet they almost have more followers than Regina Spektor, who is one of the most talented song-writers of this generation. One girl has even gone as far as to make them “fan art”.

People need to realise that there is a massive difference between music and mainstream music. Music is made, and listened to, by people with an actual interest and passion in the art-form. Mainstream music is made by areshole cunts who want to line their pockets with the money of children and their worryingly passive parents who don’t seem to mind the fact that their 13 year old daughter is having sex forced down her throat by the likes of Simon-fucking-Cowell, or in this instance, Blair Dreelan from East 17. people these days laugh at serious musicians who spill their fucking guts and heart out onto a stage just because they have a less-than-perfect voice, despite the fact they will then go home and listen to Nikki-fucking-Minaj and her bastard auto-tune. I still can’t work out for the love of god what ethnicity she is suppose to be. Sometimes she’s black, sometimes she’s Asian, sometimes she’s white with a shit-ton of fake tan. I’m pretty sure she was grey once, too.

Beyonce had a song out once called “Run The World” that you might have heard. It’s all about how girls run the world (this is factually incorrect, but that is neither here-nor-there). It was written by  7 people and produced by 6 and she is hailed as one of the most talented songwriters in the world at the moment. They lyrics are pretty much “Who runs the world? Girls” for four minutes. I know for a fact that her entire fanbase will laugh at The Beatles, but the entire fucking album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was written by four people and produced by one and that actually changed the face of music forever, so what I want to know is: Why has it come to this? Why wont anyone respect the actually talented artist anymore? They get laughed at and ridiculed for not having the right looks, or they might be too old, or whatever the reasons. The entire industry has gone to shit and they only was it can be changed is by burning everything and everyone involved with it. Artists and all.

Starting with Justin Beiber and his pig-shit thick band of Beliebers.




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