Two Cups of Tea & I’m Still Not a Belieber

That’s right. I just drank two cups of tea in twenty minutes and I’m not even impressed with myself. If anything I have let myself down. I need to be punished. For every cigarette I smoke today I will burn my arm with it once until I learnt o man the fuck up when it comes to drinking tea. Though I very, very rarely drink more than two cups of tea in twenty minutes.  then I get all full up on tea and lazy. Plus sometimes that much milk makes me feel sick, so if I was going to put cigarettes out on my arm every time I failed to drink more than two cups of tea every twenty minutes it would be loss than a week before I was nothing but a leathery, burn, scared mess of a human, covered in weeping sores and terrifying myself every time I lit a fag, and that is not how I want to live my life.

The Libertines! I’m going to listen to them all day. If you don;t know of The Libertines, they’re one of the best bands this country has ever produced. If you don’t like the Libertines then you don;t really understand music and you may as well be a fucking Justin Beiber fan. A Belieber. Do you belieb? I sure has hell don’t I fucking hate that lesbian. I’m not a homophobe,  I just hate the way she pretends to be a little boy. It’s fucked up is what it is. And not fucked up in a sexy way.

Back to The Libertines, on the album version of “What Became of the Likely Lads” there’s a really little acoustic number, but you can hear someone breathing all the way through it and it’s so fucking frustrating. Like listening to someone eat with their mouth open. It pierces down into my soul and the only thing that stops my punching my laptop in the face is my lack of money to replace it. That and the unhealthy dependency we all have with them.

Fucking technology. Sexy, awesome technology. We should go back to the moon. But we can’t. Because we were warned off by an alien race. That’s a fact, too. Google it.


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