You Just Can’t Bring Up Rape in a Job Interview These Days.

Fuck me trying to write a story about a crime fighting unicorn who can speak Swahili and shoot lasers out of his hooves is hard. It just kinda goes off on one on its own and I get confused and fall asleep. Jesus Christs. I just gave up for today and thought I’d have a ramble instead. But I have nothing to ramble about. I’m going to get some trainers tomorrow. That isn’t a ramble, but I’m excited. I love shoe shopping. Like a woman or a gay. It’s awesome fun. I also have to go to fudging Swansea. Again. I was there today for a job interview and it was odd. I haven’t had a job interview in ages.

One of the questions they asked me was something along the lines of “Can you give an example of a time someone you’ve had to change your opinion or the way you have worded an argument to get your point across?”

Now, I have. Of course I have. I kept telling them this but then they were relentless in asking me for specific examples and I just kept saying, “Oh, you know. In gigs and that.” but they were adamant I give an actual example of an actual time and all I could think of were all the examples of times that I shouldn’t tell them. I mean, how do you seriously say “Well, You know, I’d do a load of rape gags and they wouldn’t be into it, so I’d reign it back until I’d won them over a bit better, then go back into the rape stuff when they were on my side.” I mean, you just can’t can you?

Not that I do a lot of rape stuff. I use to, but the last year or so I’ve gone out of my way to make sure I don’t do it. It’s just not that funny, is it? It’s horrible. Abortion on the other hand? That’s funny. As long as it isn’t a rape baby being aborted, that is.


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