Well PETA, You’ve Only Gone And Done it Again.

*Just a note; PETAs reply to my point this time was just the word “meh”. That’s all they had to say. “Meh”. What. The. Fuck.

God! Fuck! Shit! I get sooo wound up! Look at all that ‘o’. I am quite proper with my spelling usually, but these BASTARDS have turned me into a shell of my former self. I follow them on twitter because I like how ignorant they are and also thought they might post cute videos of kittens in fields or something. Everyone likes videos of kittehs, don’t they? No. Not PETA, it turns out. PETA like murder and animal cruelty more than anyone else on the planet. They’re a bunch of fucking sycophants, is what they are. They’re also idiots. Check out what they’re doing today:


That went a bit tits up. I can’t add the photo. Just the link. By the way, I love animals as you know from my last PETA related rant (http://wp.me/p13Mou-7u). I do. Now…

The first thing I hate about “Meat is Murder” bullshit is meat isn’t murder. Meat is meat. Murder is murder. They’re too different things. “Meat is the By-Product of Murder” I don’t mind, but meat itself isn’t murder. Meat can  murder. If I just bit into a raw pig and started chewing away, I would probably die. So meat can also be a murderer. Where’s your sign for that, Pete? Anyway…

That woman is outside the court where “The Cannibal Cop” is on trial. She is comparing eating bacon to his actions. I’ve been interested in this case for a while, so let me just sum it up for you;

I believe it was sometime last year when a New York police officer was arrested after he foiled attempt to kidnap a woman. Upon investigation it turns out he had gone into the police database and carried out surveillance on a hundred women he planned on kidnapping, raping, killing, cooking and then eating. Sounds pretty bad, right? But no! It gets worse! An ‘blueprint’ was then found on how he planned to cook the women. He was going to cook them on as low a heat as possible while they were still alive so it could be as tasty as possible! Om-nom-nom-nom-nom! That and he also wanted to keep them alive for as long as possible because, hey! If you’re going to go completely bat-shit crazy you may as well do it properly. And this fellow did. A true psycho among mentalists.

Now that’s all a pretty horrific thing he planned to do right there. So why have PETA pissed me off now? Because they’re are trying to say that what he planned on doing is no different to getting a cow in an abattoir and putting a bolt through it’s head to kill it in the most humane way possible so that we can enjoy it’s meat and so that it doesn’t have to have a horrible, slow death.

You ever eaten a steak? then you may as well go out, steal a human woman, rape the fuck out of her and cook her alive. You bastard meat eating sex offenders.

I hope someone from PETA is reading this. Just look at the two things you’re trying to compare. This is worse than when you tweeted, and still keep tweeting none-the-less, that cows are raped consistently for their entire lives so we can have cheese. Please try and argue your case in a grown-up fashion. Please?

It’s happy cow picture time again!

“I can’t wait to go from cow to beef!”

I’m off. I don’t have any sausages here so I’m going to go and fuck a child instead. Because it’s the same. Probably.


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