Who’s the Bigger Bastard? Women or MTV? Pete is Lovely though.

What a fucking bitch! Guess what, readers? It’s that time again! I’ve been fucked over by a girl…  for the same reasons as last time! Luckily for me this newest addition wasn’t as awesome as the last one, so I’m not as much hurt as I am fucking pissed off.. And she had the cheek to reply to my questionings with a ‘haha’ A fucking ‘haha’! I’m livid. Fucking livid.

This is all good for you though, because when I’m angry or upset you seem to want to read more. I guess that’s kinda a plus for me, too. Every cloud and that!

It’s harsh though, init? Leading someone on who you know likes you and the entire time you’ve been planning to get with some other dude. I’m kinda getting sick of being nice. I’m starting to wish I was a dick when it came to relationships too as everyone else seems to be. You know who I blame? MTV. From now on, I’m probably going to blame them for everything. Except every war from the 50’s on. That was, and always will be, ‘Murica. But I don’t blame ‘Muricans for it, so calm down. Well, obviously I do blame ‘Muricans for it. There’s always ‘Muricans in charge. Except your current one. fuck knows where he was born. I don’t even think he knows. Some say Kenya. I say probably. But you know what I mean.

MTV probably help with the wars though, they make kids thick as shit so they don’t know what their doing and blindly sign up for the army. Yeah! I found a reason, loose as it might be, to blame MTV for all the wars.

I love italics! So much! you can’t do it Twitter or Facebook. the closest you can get is capitals and capitals make it look like you’re shouting. I don’t want to shout. I just want to get my point across. Although shouting can sometimes be a good way to do that. Just ask ‘Murica. Or MTV.


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