What The Fuck Is Fox Mulders Game?

There’s something that’s been bothering me ever since I was a kid. Say, somewhere around the mid 90’s. Fox Mulder, the guy in charge of the FBI’s X-Files in the show The X-Files.

When he was 12, right, his sister got abducted by aliens. He knows this happened for a fact as he was witness to it. Now I’d imagine seeing someone get abducted by aliens looks pretty unique. It’s not the kind of thing you can confuse with someone getting kidnapped by a couple of peados or something, you know? There’s bright lights and fucking alien spaceships and fucking aliens involved, so you can understand why he is so adamant that this happened and why he spend his entire career, after he left Oxford University and joined the FBI, trying to uncover this global conspiracy of silence he believed was blanketing the whole “aliens exist” thing.

Now, I don’t doubt him. When I was little, say 8 or something, I saw this fucking massive black triangle hovering overhead and after a little bit it took of at a speed I couldn’t even begin to describe. It went up and away just slower than your eye can blink. Huh! Turns out I can describe it. I surprise myself everyday. Anywhoo, since then I always had this fascination with alien life and the U.F.O. phenomena.  I’ve seen many incredibly unusual things since then as I spend a lot of time looking up at the sky but I’m not going to go into them all. Just know I believe.

I believe.

I actually believe in these things. Like Fox does. Or does he? Everyone knows that poster he had behind his desk. It had a photograph that a ‘contactee’ from Switzerland called George Adamski took. He took loads. Look them up. Pretty much proven fakes as a model of said U.F.O. was found in his attic once. I’m not going to go into why he is a cunt (he embarrassed a field of research that is already under constant scrutiny and skepticism from most of the world for his own ego and financial gain) but he is. A faking cunt. Anyway, Fox Mulder has this big poster of a fake U.F.O on it and underneath it reads the words “I Want To Believe”.

What’s your game, Fox?

“I Want To Believe”

“…Want To…”.

Think about that. This implies that he doesn’t believe at all. He just likes the idea of aliens. So this die hard fanatic who is spending his entire life trying to find out what the government is hiding about the U.F.O. phenomena, and claims he seen his sister get nicked by aliens, has a poster of a proven fake U.F.O. photo with a sentence underneath that blatantly explains how he doesn’t believe. If he did it would say “I Believe”.

So what the fuck is your game, Mulder? You’ve got questions to answer.


2 responses to “What The Fuck Is Fox Mulders Game?

  1. I think the ‘I Want To Believe’ isn’t about a lack of ability to believe but rather a desire to have proof: to be shown – an invitation. Furthermore, I don’t think the poster is just about UFOs to Mulder, but about all unproved, paranormal or hidden things.

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