Kate Nash Can Suck It.

Beats! Or killer, killer, killer, killer beats, as Kate Nash would say. But Kate Nash is balls, so we will not be saying it. I think you should be able abbreviate ‘will not’ to willn’t. It just seems to make sense to me.

Anyway, what was I on about? Ah yes! Beats! I like beats. Not like drum’n’bass or house and that, but proper banging beats. Like The Shins or Matt & Kim or Trwbador. Proper banging hard-core electro-folk-pop BEATS. I’ve gotten right back into music again and it’s wicked-cool. I’m currently listening to a band called The Little Ones. I don’t blame you for not listening though.  No, I know. I hadn’t heard of them either, but I recommend you check ’em out. I had ‘gotten out’ of music since I started doing stand-up. You’d think it’s because I started watching loads of stand-up instead, but you’d be wrong. I replaced listening to music with, wait for it, fuck all! Bghyjl54tgehukbh

Sorry about that. I had to take a call and I leant on the keyboard. “No need to delete it,” I thought to myself. “It adds a bit of character.” I continued to think to myself.

I'm sexy and angry.


But yeah, I’m well glad about this music thing. Grooveshark is my saving grace. It recommends shit to you so you don’t have to make any effort to find new music yourself. Brilliant! I love how easy existing is becoming for everyone. Isn’t 2012 a wonderful time to be alive? Well, until the world ends the week after next, that is. I have my own theory on how it will come about, too. It wont be earthquakes, or tsunamis, or solar flares or any of this shit. It’ll be future-saurs! Technologically advanced dinosaurs from the future. A lot of people don’t know this, but the dinosaurs weren’t wiped out. They just travelled to the year 4657 because they anticipated the big bit of rock flying through space and SMASHING into Mexico and they got in their time machines and hurtled into the future, hell bend on going back into the past to wipe out the human race.

And ‘cunt-fuzz’ is my new favourite swear.


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