Vote Ron Paul 2012!

That’s right. It says to vote Ron Paul. I’m all well and good with this advice, except for the fact this car is in Islington. which, in-case you don’t know, is in London, England. Why is this car hidden away in Islington? I had to climb a fence to take this photo. What good… Sorry, I just fell off the bed and spilt my squash… What good is this piece of advice so many thousands of fucking miles away from the only place it can make a difference? It just goes to show Fox will do ANYTHING to make him seem out of the race, eh?

“Eh?” I went all Canadian on you then. I apologies to any racist American who may have not liked that, and let’s face it, If you’re American then you’re probably racist, but I didn’t mean it. I only ever wanted to sound Welsh. Sometimes I want to sound French, but that is another story completely…

Cue “Twilight Zone” theme tune…

Cut “Twilight Zone” theme tune, because I cannot afford the royalties.


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