The Time You Realise You Were too Ugly for Paedophiles.

Today I found out that the computer admin guy (Mr. Gravell) from my old school (Coedcae) had a collection of 400,000 indecent images of children. 400,000 is alot and I’m not one of them. why?

Well I suppose it’s becuase I was very quiet as a kid. Until I was about fifteen I got bullied alot. I was very quiet and kept myself to myself. I didn’t sell myself well enough. I didn’t let him know how loose and wild I could get. Once when I was about nine, I was talking my dog for a walk when a car pulled up to me and the bald guy inside asked me if I’d get in his car for two-pounds fifty. I declined and he continued to offer my money, raising his bid as far up as ten pounds! That’s alot of money when you’re a kid. Plus he would have fucked me so I wouldn’t have been a virgin until I was 18. That probably would have given me the confidence I needed to flash my bald balls at Mr. Gravell, too. I suppose everyone regrets every missed opportunity when they look back on their lives so I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself.  Some people regret not taking that holiday or not walking out of that job. I regret not getting fucked by a nonce.

215 words. That’ll do.


2 responses to “The Time You Realise You Were too Ugly for Paedophiles.

  1. Kellie Ramirez

    I’m moved deeply. Perhaps you can find a local support group for kids who weren’t good enough to be sexually assaulted because they were too ugly. I feel your pain. Stay strong.

  2. I’ve set up a local support group and it feels good.

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