I’m with Wall Street on this one.

Yeah. Fuck it. Why not? If I was given the choice of sleeping in the street with a cardboard sign, doing a winge and that because ‘I haven’t got any money and you bastards have most of it!’ or some such thing, or sitting at the top of a massive building, sipping champagne and throwing caviare into the air, slapping around properly expensive hookers and literally pissing gold coins whilst laughing at all the poor, jobless fools down there then, yeah. Fuck it. Why not? I’d love to be that rich.

And poor people smell. Do you want to be a smelly poor person? I know I don’t! Why don’t these people all stop complaining and start sucking on the corporate cock until everyone is the 1%? That seems like the most logical thing to do if you ask me. How many days have they been at it now? Like, twenty days or some shit? Think about how much hard work they could have put into sucking that cock in those twenty days. A lot. That’s a lot of sucked corporate cock. they’d be loving every bit of it and you’d be a team leader in no time at all! Give it another two months of cock-guzzling and you’d be assistant manager, and so on and so on.

So this brings me to ‘Why?’

Why has everyone decided to rise up against the Wall Street fat cats now? Because they’re fucking lazy. Fucking lazy Americans don’t even have the energy to suck the cock any more. They use to love it, too! That country use to lie face down with a pillow in it’s mouth and LOVE getting drilled by anything with a logo, fifty stores and a passion for low-quality, under-priced and unhealthy product. I remember being mocked by an American for almost buying an orange over Nestle Crunch bar. Well look who’s getting mocked now! You. You are getting mocked by me because your country has gone to complete shit because you made me buy that Nestle Crunch and not that orange.

So in short; Fuck you, Americans. Bend over and take it.

No no. I’m only ‘having a laugh’ and do indeed think all the worlds bankers, most of the worlds politicians and the C.E.O of every conglomerate needs to get their balls/vaginas shot off then be burnt to the brink of death, only to ease the flames at the point where they’re so burnt and disfigured and in so much pain they would rather be killed. But we let them live and hunt them for sports, using bears and crocodiles instead of guns and knives.

Go-on, you crazy Yanks. Fuck ’em up!


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