It’s a Lovely Day For Drying.

Good God, I’m annoyed. I woke up annoyed. I’ve never been a guest in someone’s house, woken them up to lend a phone charger, complained because thier phone is always on charge (it’s not. Someone keeps stealing my chargers) and then tried to have a chat with them while they are facedown in a pillow and almost completely naked, OBVIOUSLY trying to go back to sleep. I hardly even talk to almost completely naked people unless it’s through a wall. Not in my house though. We don’t have real walls. Just two bits of fire-friendly plaster-board. And that’s only in some rooms, too. Right now I’m looking through a small hole in one of the bits of plaster-board and at the next bit. That’s only one plaster-board. I can’t wait until winter.

And I only got two numbers on last weeks lottery. I’ve realised millionaires are idiot too. Check this out; There is a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of winning the lottery. Last weeks jackpot was 136 with six noughts on the end. If you’d bought every combination of lottery tickets that’s only £13,983,816 and you’re guaranteed to win. That’s like buying 136 with six noughts on the end in pounds for just £13,983,816 quids. They are all fools. I also think another good money earner is to find a way to bring aborted fetuses back to life. Think about it. The pro-lifers would go nuts for the stuff. The cold, heartless pro-death fellas could murder their unborn children and the people who love life could revive them later in a dirty hospital they could only afford after spending all that money on the technology to bring back the dead babies off me. Did you know in the mid-1700’s (there-abouts) something like one in five babies/mothers died during childbirth because the doctors had filthy hands. Sometimes they would go straight from an autopsy to delivering a babies, no gloves or nothing because latex wasn’t about and they thought that washing hands was ‘un-gentlemanly’. So everybody just had to keet dying. Then a clever doctor said “C’mon, boys. This is nuts. Look at all these dead babies and mam’s. Lets all pass a hat around invent soap. We’ll change the rules on being gentlemen” They never did though. The French beat them to it in 1811, probably because they wanted to give up on being gentlemen.


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